The Early Numeracy program operates at Specimen Hill Primary School.  The areas covered in P-2 are Space; Number; Measurement, Chance and Data; Working Mathematically; Structure.
Under ‘Number’ the children learn how our number system works. They learn how to count and estimate.  They use concrete objects to represent number stories.
Measurement.   Through use of concrete materials, children learn basic techniques for measuring length, time, capacity and mass.
Space.   In this study, children learn about common shapes.  This involves them in drawing, cutting out, folding, colouring and handling concrete materials.
Reasoning and Strategies.  Children recognise the elements of chance. 

What Can Parents Do?
Encourage children to make use of everyday family activities, such as cooking, shopping, playing games which involve keeping scores, calculating journey times and so on.   Choose one activity per day.  It should only take a few minutes.

Words that can be used:-        under/over                   big/small
heavy/heaviest             long/short

Counting:-       knives and forks when setting the table.
pieces of cake.
change from shopping.

Shopping:-       How many things can I buy with 50c.?

Measuring:-     Which jar holds the most?   How can you tell?
Who's the tallest?
How many footsteps to the letterbox?
Toys can help your child with maths:
e.g.  How many marbles fill the bag?
Will 6 cars fit in?
Make Available:  Pens, pencils, paper, puzzle books, jigsaws, construction materials, boxes, icy pole sticks.
Try To:            Praise, Encourage, Talk about, Be patient, Listen, Ask questions.