Physical Education is a vital component of Primary Education at Specimen Hill Primary School. The emphasis of the program is to develop skills, have fun and promote positive attitudes toward physical activity and competition. Physical Education is a comprehensive program that includes fitness, ball skills, athletics, gymnastics, swimming and other various sports. 
At Specimen Hill Primary School each grade has one hour of Physical Education per week. Specimen Hill PS has a teacher dedicated to P.E (Mr. Todd Broadbent). 
The school also has a large quantity of up to date sports equipment, which allows students the chance to work on and improve different skills. The school aims for its P.E. sessions to be active while at the same time promoting teamwork, cooperation, honesty, respect, resilience, persistence, positive self-image, and sportsmanship, with the motto ‘every student is a winner when they try their very best’.
In the Prep and Junior Primary years, lessons focus on skill acquisition and fundamental motor skills such as catching, overhead throwing, kicking, running, leaping, ball bouncing, dodging etc. The Prep classes also participate in the Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) twice a week to refine and develop both fine and gross motor skills. The students participate in a series of different tasks to improve their eye tracking, balance, hand/eye/foot coordination, fitness and locomotion. The development of these motor skills will also help them in areas such as writing (fine motor skills such as holding pencils), memory, and language skills, as well as developing their skills to successfully lead them into major games and sports. The program also aims to improve students’ confidence through working as a team and getting them to try activities and movements that they may not otherwise undertake.
In the Middle and Senior Primary years, lessons build on the fundamental motor skills acquired in the Junior Years. The students participate in various sports such as football, netball, cricket, volleyball, tennis, basketball, soccer, hockey, dance etc. that will assist them when moving into Secondary School and participating in sports outside school and in the community. Also the Middle and Senior Primary years complete a comprehensive athletics program, with the opportunity to compete in the school and district athletic sports.
The whole school participates in a two week sequential Swimming Program that aims to develop water awareness, confidence and stroke technique (all lessons are conducted by Specimen Hill staff who are AustSwim qualified) as well as a 5 week gymnastics program, which is conducted at Jet’s Gym in Bendigo.
Specimen Hill Primary School participates in a range of district sports and events during the school year, competing against other local schools in the Bendigo region for example Cross Country, Athletics, Volleyball, Hockey, Football, Netball and Cricket.

Throughout the year on a Tuesday morning students can participate in Running Club where students run/jog or walk as many laps around our school oval over two terms. Everytime they complete 100 laps they receive a Rebel Sports voucher. Also during Term 4 students can participate in Fitness Club where students participate in various activities with the aim of improving their strength and fitness.
If you have any questions or queries about the physical education program offered you can contact the school anytime during business hours.

In 2018 each Prep student received a PE Kit Bag to take home, containing a variety of resources to assist in the students’ development of their fundamental motor skills and fine motor skills (all at no cost to the parents).
Each Drawstring Kit Bag included Tennis Balls, Softer Tennis Ball, Tennis Racquet, Bean Bags, Echidna Larger Ball, Catching Cone, Fine Motor Marble Tracking Activity, Parent Information and an Activity Sheet.
The aim of this Kit bag is to allow students to practice their catching, throwing, kicking etc. at home. Through students learning and practicing the skills both at school and at home their rate of development is going to greatly improve.
All students are involved in physical activity at school but it is also important that they are physically active at home as well, as this enhances and assists in their growth and development throughout childhood.