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REPORTING TO PARENTS at Specimen Hill Primary School

Usually held in February or early March these get to know you meetings provide an opportunity to meet your child’s teacher, to learn a little about what is expected of your children during the year, to learn something of the content of the courses to be delivered, to provide an opportunity to ask any questions and for the teacher to find out any further information about each child.

 Written Reports are provided in June and again in December.


Student/Parent/Teacher Interviews are required for all families at mid- year, but are arranged at the request of either parent or teacher at the end of the year.
Prior to the interview taking place pre-interview sheets will be sent home so that parents can identify any aspects they wish to take priority during discussions.

Issues of concern etc. should be addressed without waiting for the formal Parent Teacher Interview program.  However, please contact the teacher concerned so that a mutually convenient (uninterrupted) time can be organised.
Problems of a serious nature should of course be dealt with immediately by going through the Principal or Assistant Principal.


Student Reports

Student report cards provide you with a clear picture of your child’s progress. They are used in all Victorian Government schools to report student achievement in Years Prep to 10.

The only exception to this is where schools offer programs for students with disabilities.

You will receive a report card twice a year and be invited to a parent-teacher interview to discuss your child's progress.

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