Art Room

Students at Speci are encouraged to experiment with a variety of techniques and mediums.
Students participate in drawing, painting, collage, fabrics & textiles, printing, sculpture in 2D and 3D forms.
Students will work in each of the Art elements: line, shape, color, form, space, and texture.
After creating and making students are asked to evaluate their efforts in order to improve and share their stories about the journey they had in completing the task.
Tasks will become more complex as students move through the school.  Activities aim to improve fine motor skills, aid in their identification of shape and color in the world around them.  Students will be able to refer to the work of other artists and the world around them to influence their efforts.
During the Art Room experience students will interact with their peers and critique and support one another as they work and enjoy the relaxing environment.
Displays of student work will be evident in classrooms, the Art room and around the school as we value their efforts.

ART IN 2017
Across the school students are learning about the ‘Elements of Art’: colour, line, shape, space, form, texture and ‘Principles of Art’: movement, balance, unity, pattern, rhythm and contrast .  We are studying colour in more depth, looking at primary colours, secondary colours, cool and warm colours.  We will experiment with paint, collage, threads and textiles, construction, drawing and abstract Art pieces. Older students will learn about famous painters and the techniques and styles used by these artists. Students will re-create work from the famous artists with their own interpretation. Students cover topics on Koori and Asian studies during each year.
Students have re-cognized Art as a form of recreation like sport or reading.  Art can lead to occupations such as potters, illustrators, graphic designers, photography and many more. It is great to share Art with others in our community.
We enjoy looking at Art and gathering ideas from the work of other artists and our friends. Many pieces of work will be on display around the school. Each year the school is represented at the Bendigo Show in the School’s Art Display and we have been fortunate in winning this section on a number of occasions.
Younger students spend much of their time improving their fine motor skills by completing tasks using scissors, paint brushes and drawing materials. While senior students work on more complex tasks that may take a number of sessions to plan, create and complete.
Throughout the years students will have opportunities to experience tasks in 2D and 3D format, use a variety of tools and explore many different types of materials including: wood, wire, paper, clay, threads & textiles, paint, paste, beads and more. We aim to have fun, share, talk, explore, experiment, make and create.