In 2009 we saw the start of the Kitchen Garden program at Specimen Hill. The 3/4 Department was nominated as the group to lead the program and it has become an integral part of the curriculum.

Each class works in the program for 1 hour per week - with each class split into 3 groups rotating through a range of gardening activities. The activities include :- work on the vegie garden, chook maintenance, water (recycled and tank), planting, composting, mulching, cooking - food preparation/serving and kitchen clean up. the garden focus is on maintaining the whole school environment.

The kitchen/gardening program is continuing to evolve and is going from strength to strength. it is an integral and enjoyable part of each childs learning. The school community is now reviewing the school environment masterplan which was originally developed in 2006. The future of our school environment is exciting.

In 2012 new varieties of perennial plants have been planted in and around the vegetable garden, in addition to our annual plantings. These include olive, lime and lemon trees, two additional grapevines and asparagus plants.

Cooking continues to be a very popular part of the program, with students enjoying an array of dishes made from the veggie garden produce and eggs from our chickens.

Native plant propagation is another program activity. Local plants are propagated by the students and are planted in the school grounds to enhance and benefit the school environment and to promote "National Tree Day".