The Speci Library

The Speci Library is a welcoming room used for borrowing, browsing, research and classes.

Our Library has a large collection of modern resources including: picture story books, novels, non-fiction and reference books.  The collection also includes DVDs, charts and kits for classroom use.

The picture story books are drawn from a wide range of authors and themes to cover relevant areas of the curriculum, and to encourage a love of reading.

The novels include: a range of modern authors and titles as well as classics and other well respected authors.

The non-fiction section allows for student research of popular topics including: animals, mini-beasts, transport, inventions, sport, poetry and more.

Our school encourages regular daily reading habits and supports this by asking students to borrow ‘just right’ books for a positive reading experience. We also have available Scholastic Book Club and a Book Fair each year.

Children are encouraged to borrow before school and during lunch break, as well as with class sessions. The Library is a popular room to visit during recess for quiet activities.