welcome to the wonderful world of preps

In 2016, we have two straight Prep classes and a Prep/1 class. Our teachers are Mrs Zoe Light, Ms Courtney Lauwrence and Mrs Jacqui O'Shea.

Our Prep program at Specimen Hill Primary school is an engaging program that incorporates explicit teaching of Literacy and Numeracy and social development through our Developmental Curriculum and Specialist programs. This is an important year of your child’s learning and we help them develop important skills that will carry them through the rest of their education and towards life-long learning.

Each day at Specimen Hill children participate in a 2 hour Literacy Block. This is where the children develop their love of reading through memorable and exciting activities. In the reading block the children do independent reading, shared reading, guided reading, focused group activities and reflection time. The writing block consists of modelled writing, independent writing and reflection time.

The Numeracy program is a fun and engaging program where children learn important numeracy strategies through a range of hands on, musical, and open ended tasks. Children are encouraged to show persistence to have a go and develop their mathematical awareness through exploring concepts and ideas using a range of strategies and resources.

During the first half of the Prep year, we have a strong focus on children developing their social and interpersonal skills through various activities in our ‘Investigations’ time. We run this program twice a week and children develop skills such as sharing, perseverance, research, curiosity, tolerance and communication skills.

Our students take part in a range of Specialist Programs including Art, Physical Education, Music and Library.

Preps participate in our Wellbeing Program fortnightly with our School Wellbeing Officer Bernadette Wright. This program is supported by everyday classroom and school rules and expectations.

At Specimen Hill P.S we offer a Transition Program that allows children and parents to familiarise themselves with the school, staff and students. Please also view our short film clip about our school.
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The Early Years Literacy Program operates at Specimen Hill.  This program focuses on a strategic, balanced and comprehensive approach to Literacy.  The key features of this program are:

Science Day