Bernadette Wright is employed by Specimen Hill Primary School as our Wellbeing officer.  Bernadette’s  role is to work in every classroom covering the values that the school embraces, such as persistence, resilience, honesty, excellence and respect.
Bernadette runs a classroom program with every grade, from Prep to Grade 6.  She  covers topics such as - what to do if you’re bullied; the concept of naming it and standing up for ourselves in a strong way.   Bernadette  talks about any issue that touches the lives of children and their families.  The class program is enhanced by using a range of tools such as lovely story books, cards and other activities.  Bernadette welcomes all children to talk to her, either on a 1-1 basis, or group talks.
She also works with families from our school community around a range of issues.   Bernadette helps with issues such as separation, death, illness, anxiety, stress and will also assist to make referrals to agencies who can help families further.  Parents/Guardians can phone the school to make an appointment to see Bernadette.  Currently Bernadette comes to our school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

SHPS Wellbeing Booklets


A copy of the SHPS Wellbeing Program is available on request.  It addresses the following issues:-


This is a supervised program which is held each lunchtime from 11.15 – 11.40am.
This program is designed to provide activities which support and encourage social interaction, tolerance and co-operation.
Children may attend this program voluntarily, or may be required to attend because they have chosen to ignore school rules.

The school has established a Parent-managed Head Lice Program as a proactive approach to the management of Head lice.
When checked, if a child has signs of head lice a note is sent home informing parents of the required follow-up at home and the child does not miss any school.  But if a child does not have permission to be involved in the program and signs of head lice are observed the child must be collected from school immediately to go home for treatment.
If any child has signs of live nits the parent is contacted and the student must be collected immediately and taken home to be treated.  Once treated the student can return to school. When the child returns to school the “treatment” note indicating the type of treatment applied needs to return also.  We ask all parents to be vigilant and to check their child’s hair on a regular basis at home. All students with long hair are required to tie their hair up during the school day.




In the current economic climate we understand that some families may be experiencing temporary financial hardship. The school provides food hampers from time to time to families who find the hampers useful. Please return the attached slip to the office in an envelope marked FOOD HAMPER.

Food Hamper Request:

Name: ............................................................

Contact Phone Number: ..............................

Preferred day for you to collect hamper: ...........................................


Go For Your Life

www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au - includes information on healthy living, relationships and family, services and support



Child Health & Wellbeing

(Education Department website link) for information on:

Medical conditions; immunisation; healthy eating; head lice; critica; incidents; emergencies and natural disasters; student support services; bullying; buddy system; drug education; sexuality education; building resilience; shild safety resources; anaphylasix; mental health


Support for Children with Special Needs:

Student Behaviour

Support from school

If your child is having wellbeing or behavioural issues government schools provide a range of supports, from Welfare Officers and Coordinators to school nurses and Student Support Services including speech pathologists and psychologists. Please see the Department of Education website for more information.

Parentline - Phone 13 22 89 (www.education.vic.gov.au/earlychildhood/parentline

8AM - Midnight - 7 days per week

  • Parentline provides a statewide telephone counselling service to parents and carers of children aged from birth to eighteen years
  • Professional counsellors are able to explore a variety of issues that impact on parenting and relationships
  • Parentline can provide contact details for community services
  • Parentline respects the confidentiality and right to privacy of callers

Useful quicklinks from the Parentline site - National Parenting; Recommended Australian Parenting Websites; Parenting Groups in Australia; Services for Children; Belnded Step Families; Fathering/Men's Issues; Medical Services; Legal Services